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Beginner Basics Bundle - Easy To Cook!

A collection of beef cuts and items that are fast and easy to prepare with minimal kitchen equipment, time, or cooking experience. Great option for students, busy parents, or those with limited kitchen access or experience. Bundle includes: 3 pounds organic ground beef 1 pound beef pepperoni (no cooking necessary for this item!) 2 packages shaved steak 1 package hamburger patties (4 patties)

Beef Sampler Bundle

A great way to try a selection of beef from our farm without a ton of commitment or expense. Bundle includes: 2 pounds ground beef, 1 pack of hamburger patties (4 patties), 1 steak, 1 package of beef sausage, and 1 beef roast.

Breakfast Bundle

Including plenty of healthy proteins with breakfast can help our brains and bodies go strong all day. Bundle includes 1 package beef breakfast sausage links (approx 14 links/5 servings), 1 package beef chorizo (ground sausage, approx 5 servings, can be cooked into patties or browned for burritos, etc), and 2 dozen organic, no soy eggs.

Fast Flavor Sausage Bundle

Sausage might be the original fast food since cooking with good sausage will add all the flavor you need to a simple meal. Here is a collection of four beef sausage flavors that we're sure you'll enjoy - chorizo, sweet italian, breakfast,and pepperoni (pepperoni needn't be cooked before serving - can thaw, slice, and eat if desired).

Ground Beef Bundle

Five pounds of our organic, grass fed ground beef for $45 which saves you at least $5. :)

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