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Everything in our world is interconnected.  The things we do to produce food will each affect something else.  At Quarry Brook we farm in a way that acknowledges those relationships.  Our mission is to produce truly nutritious, organic foods while improving the soil; this benefits our animals, our customers, our community, the environment, and in turn−the world.

You can be kinder to the world when you eat food from conscientous farms.  Help us start a revolution with your fork! 



 Three Great Ways to bring home food from the farm:

Farm Pickup

You can order from our at pick up at the farm anytime.  Just place your order and we'll contact you to arrange a pickup time.  Easey peasey.

Farmers Market Delivery

Order online and then pick up your food at market.  You won't have to worry that we will have sold out of that very thing you wanted. It also makes your trip to market efficient- you can just stop by our booth, grab your assembled order and go!   

Home Delivery

Have your order delivered to your home or office! Super easy!  We currently offer home delivery in Sherburne, Hamilton, Clinton, New Hartford, and Utica.  If you would like home delivery but do not live in these areas please get in touch!  We'll work with you to make sure you have access to good food. 

There is no minimum order.  You can order anything you see listed.

Please note: most products have some variation on weight, therefore your order's dollar total will be approximate until we assemble it.  After you place your order you will receive an immediate confirmation email that lists the approximate dollar amount.  You will later receive a second email that will contain the exact dollar amount of order and any further instructions.  Thank you! 

We welcome cash, checks, and credit/debit cards.

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  We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you. 

It's a priviledge to work toward a better future by raising food in a regenerative and sustainable way.  Thank you for being part of our journey!