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Beef Shanks

Quarry Brook Farms

1 package with 2 beef shanks | Approx 2.5 pounds @ $9.00/pounds = $22.50 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 shank piece | Approx 1 lb @ $9.00/lb = $9.00 + $0.00 Assembly

Also known as Beef Soup Bones. Great for soup, stew, osso bucco, and more! These extra meaty marrow bones are a great choice for super flavor and nutrition. Perfect for an easy crock pot meal, allow shanks to braise then use the tender meat and excellent broth to make some exceptional comfort-foods. We use them to make onion soup. Simply braise, cut up the meat, brown the onions, add the broth, season to taste and serve. The possibilities are endless.

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