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Special prices on 'scratch & dent' items and/or product we have LOTS of and would like to move along. Butchering and vacuum sealing is tricky work that takes a long while to learn. That means we sometimes receive loose packages or oddly cut steaks back from the processor. There is nothing wrong with the meats inside but presentation is lacking and the packaging will not lend itself well to long term freezer storage. For these reasons we want to move these items out - snap some up at a great price and enjoy!

Beef Prime Rib Roast - Bone In

A lovely roast that cooks up tender and very flavorful. Perfect for a holiday meal or to roast on the weekend for...

Beef Shanks

Special Price - $7/lb | Great for BBQ, soup, stew, osso bucco, and more! A great choice for super flavor and...

Organic Lamb/Sheep Bones (for broth and stock)

ON SPECIAL! Trimmed lamb bones perfect for broth and stock. Approx 3 pounds per bag.

Beef Stew Meat

Beef stew may be one of the coziest foods. Available in approximately 1 or 2 pound packages.

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