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Eating organ meats and making bone broth are two ways to get additional nutrients into the diet. It also helps us honor our food animals by using every part possible. Feel free to reach out for ideas and recipes if you are new to organ meats or broth - we're happy to help!

Organic Grass Fed Beef Liver

$7 to $8/lb | Grass Fed and Finished. Organic. The powerhouse of all organ meats! Full of vitamins and minerals. Our...

Organic Beef Tongue

$8/lb | Don't laugh or cringe, beef tongue is surprisingly tender, delicious and versatile. Once the tongue has...

Organic Beef Heart

$7/lb | Grass Fed and Finished, Organic. Beef heart is a great way to get healthy organ meats into your diet. When...

Organic Beef Kidney

$7 for a pack of 2 | Grass Fed and Finished. Organic. 2 kidneys/package

Organic Beef Bones (for broth and stock)

$3/lb | Trimmed, assorted beef bones packed with grass fed nutrition - perfect for making broth and stock. They are...

Organic Lamb Liver

$12/lb | Grass Fed and Finished. Organic. Approx 1 pound liver per package.

Organic Lamb Tongues

If you like beef tongue, you'll like lamb tongue. As one might imagine, they are much smaller than beef tongue...

Organic Lamb Heart

$5/each | Grass Fed and Finished. Organic. 1 heart per package. Great option to get some grass fed heart muscle into...

Organic Lamb Kidneys

$4/package | Grass Fed and Finished. Organic. 2 kidneys/package.

Organic Lamb/Sheep Bones (for broth and stock)

ON SPECIAL! Trimmed lamb bones perfect for broth and stock. Approx 3 pounds per bag.

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